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The following results are inte

The following results are interesting.
On another front after 2 races the first where it did not finish and the second where it was beaten by two non factory 550's the factory Lambo Murcie GTR effort has been "temporally" suspended "to concentrate on building 5 customer cars" even though DRAMS my not take delivery of theirs. Once again the only Lambo's at LeMans will be in the car park.
Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, Zonda, and Corvette will be there. It will be interesting to see who wins.

Carrera GT-
1.63 secs 30 MPH
3.72 secs 60 MPH
7.31 secs 100 MPH;
Reaction time to brake 0.22 secs-
100 -0 MPH 4.10 secs.
Total= 11.63 secs

Pagani Zonda C12S-
1.84 secs
3.74 secs
7.52 secs
0.27 reaction time
100-0 MPH 4.05 secs
Total= 11.84 secs

MB SLR Mclaren-
1.71 secs
3.82 secs
7.70 secs
0.21 reaction time
100- 0 MPH 4.10 secs
Total = 12.13 secs

Ferrari Enzo
1.79 secs
3.52 secs
6.69 secs
0.21 reaction time
100 -0 MPH 4.08 secs
Total =10.98 secs

The overall winner was ;
Caterham R500 Evolution, followed by GSX-R 1100, then Enzo.

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On 1/01/04 the Euro trad

On 1/01/04 the Euro traded at 1.2574.
On 1/31/04 the Euro traded at 1.2597.
"Told you the Dollar would rebound quickly back in January"
What am I missing?

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....No disrespectful or argumentative posts (or SPAM)...Doo Dahh Doo Dahh Oh Dah Doo Dah Day!!!

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A 5% pull back from the top of

A 5% pull back from the top of a 30% move up is a more than an a long overdue correction? Unhedged Euro car makers are not raising prices or taking hit's to their bottom line? P,VW,and BMW should reverse their hedges?
I'll let them know you think so.

The Murcie GTR that lost to the 2 550's was a factory effort. Hey as you don't care about racing what does it matter? I think it would be great if the factory stayed with it and showed up at LeMans. I think if they put enough effort into it as they've shown with Audi and Bentley they could do very well. I don't find the factory temporally withdrawing a good thing.
You think Auto Car is wrong? You think the Murcie is faster than they showed or a Zonda is faster than an Enzo as you've stated it is?

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Yes, i think Autocar is wrong.

Yes, i think Autocar is wrong. As a matter of fact i know it is wrong. The Murci is capable of a far better 0-60 and 0-100 mph time. It has been clocked by virtually every other car magazine substantially better. Do i think it is faster than an Enzo? Of course not. Do i think a Pagani is quicker than the Enzo? No, but it is close, and when Pagani releases their new version, with the TT motor, it will definately dust an Enzo.

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What do you think an accurate

What do you think an accurate time would be? 0-100-0 for a Murcie? How much more hp will the tt Pagani have? Have you heard whether or not Pagani's will be US legal? So far no word on a US legal Maser/Enzo but even if it does come it will be a bit slower than an Enzo.

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Murcis are capable of 0-100 in

Murcis are capable of 0-100 in about 8 seconds flat, with a 3.5 sec 0-60. If you look on the Pagani site, there is already an option for a 600hp motor. Rumor is the TT will have over 700. Supposedly they will be U.S. legal.

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Anyway I was going to chime in

Anyway I was going to chime in here with some rational thought before I got sidetracked throwing out the trash.

#1- Audi doesn't have the money or the need to run an Audi & a Murci at LeMans right at this time. If you've kept track over the years AUDI goes racing and kicks ass..the Quattro was banned from IMSA after it made the rest of the field look stupid. Certianly an AUDI & A Lamborghini can't both win.

#2- Lambo has barely begun their MURCI racing's barely in it's infancy...the 550's are several years old now and VERY Highly developed. Lambo certianly has a ways to go to catch up. There is no reason to jump into racing with both feet if the program is not ready. Additionaly the MURCI program is NOT a pure Factory effort. Lambo has Hired an outside team to run the fevelopment...if these guys do well then look for everything to move forward, if they don't look for new hires.

#3- a 3ed place in the last race behind the 2 550's speaks very well for the car, the team, the potential. Why people are in such a hurry confounds me.

Regards, JRV
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