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Well, it was a long trip and n

Well, it was a long trip and not with out incident. First though I will say I had the car checked with a friend in the Police department to verify everything was OK (ie - not reported stolen). Not because I thought something was wrong, but b/c I'm freaking paranoid about covering my bases when I'm laying out that much cash, which to me is A LOT of cash.

Fortunately, or should I say, THANK GOD, that the "incident" happened before I even test drove the car.

We all know "the car" I refer to so I'll start with our visit (me and my best friend - who is MacGyver with Auto's - could be handy in case of trouble which is why I brought him) to the PPI mechanics shop to pick up the car.

The salesmen apologized for not having the car cleaned, but the shop did not finish the work I requested (clutch & WP) until late Thursday and I was there Friday AM so he just didn't have time. No problem, it was mostly clean and I really didn't care if there was a little dirt in it.

I begin looking over the car, paint looks good, (3 1/2 of 5-stars - good wash/polish/wax will bring it too 4-stars), all the switches buttons work, blah blah, don't see an real blemishes but the car has been re-painted and the right rear quarter is a slightly different shade of red, so it was probably damaged at one time and fixed. Also, the driver seat bolster had a small tear which he did not mention (he said it needed to be dyed). MMMM, 23,000 miles and a torn seat..that don't add up.

OK, time for test drive. Oops, the car won't go in gear b/c the clutch won't engage. Great, they just replaced the clutch and said the test drive went fine. Now what's broken!!! After much searching, and fiddling, the small metal screw post where the clutch cable goes through the floor board is broken. While it's on the lift I notice a small crease on the lower panel of the passenger door with touch up paint covering the scratch. Hey, WTF...the salesmen said NOTHING about dents! He apologized and said he never saw that - Ugg, I'm really PO'd b/c the guys had the car for a MONTH and never saw first I think maybe he's telling the truth b/c both me and my friend looked it over and did not see it until it was on the lift. Probably he was full of crap but now I ask myself what else is he lying about!!! Now I'm really upset b/c things are going way wrong and I'm thinking of walking. My friend calms me down and salesmen takes cable and burns over to Algar (1hr each way) to pick up a new cable (he took it to make sure he got the right part).

Me and my friend go to lunch and Sears to pick up a few tools and a fire extinguisher (which we would only need if we didn't have them). I call another guy in KC who's had several Ferrari's and tell him what's happened. His response was "this may sound strange, but "THAT'S IT"...basically he was telling me that those little issues are really not that difficult to fix, the car does run, the Clutch and WP are new (and I saw the old ones) and the clutch cable is about to be new. Finish your lunch and get you're butt on the road to home". He was right, the small crease really can't hardly be seen and it's not like it has to be done NOW. Also, the car has only 23,000 miles and one owner (more later).

Salesmen gets back from Algar - oops, they didn't have it after all! another 2 1/2hrs down the drain. So the shop takes the cable, welds the pieces back together and installs it. Test drive time. Car runs good. Carbs need to be tuned and probably rebuilt over the winter. OK, not a problem, it runs through the gears, pulls nice in all of them, and the steering is VERY tight. So is the suspension, clutch (hey, it's new) synchros, the car has almost no rattles at all.

Finish the deal and he gives me a check for $400 so I can get a new cable, and for the dent in the door and seat.

Drove 8-hours the first day to Columbus. Carbs were OK at first, but the longer we drove it the better and better it ran. Watched the gauges closely everything was great. In fact, it was 50° outside so the temp. never really got that hot. Choke worked on the cold starts fine. Checked the oil at each fuel stop and it stayed about half way b/w min/max when hot (which is what the manual says it should be). So it was burning little to no oil. Got ~17-mpg running 70-80 mph. Second day checked the oil while cold and it was at the max indicator. Manual says check while hot so the oil in the cooler does not run into sump. Ok, makes sense that it was where it was when I checked it hot. Ran 10-hours and got home in time for dinner and to give my wife a ride (who has been so fantastic about this whole thing - I truly am lucky to have her).

So all in all things really could not have gotten much better. I'm sure it would have taken us MUCH longer to diagnose the broken clutch cable (had to put it on a lift and remove the front underbody cover to see it) on the side of the road, and get it fixed so we could get home.

I'm ordering a new cable this week and I'm brining to my friends dad's shop this Saturday to replace the cable on his lift.

I also read through the books and notice Jesus (Spanish last name) was the first owner and his name was on the old title (To which my friend asked "hey, now we know what Jesus would drive !!! " - OK, it was funny in the car).

My friend also was very surprised at how nice a ride it was, how tight the suspension was, and how good the steering was. Synchros and gears were great. The worst rattle we had turned out the be the temp tag taped into the back window! This is also what convinced me it really did only have 23,000 miles on it. Everything was too "tight" for a car that may have had a lot more.

Winter to do list already started...

Timing Belts, pulley's, etc.
Rebuild and maybe re-jet Carbs
clean engine bay area and underside panels (remove and clean as best I can).
Check brakes and replace pads if required (PPI shop said they were good but I want to eyeball them myself)
Flush radiator and brake fluid.
Remove UGLY aftermarket fog lights.
Look into having "Dr Dent" fix the small crease and having lower door panel painted.
Look into recovering seats, or at least having tear fixed.

I'm a happy camper with some work to do, but I know own my very own Ferrari.

Good Night.

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That's great Sean!


That's great Sean!

>>Carbs were OK at first, but the longer we drove it the better and better it ran.<<

The Italian tune up! These things don't run right unless you drive them.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Congrats! Happy and safe motoring!


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Couldn't agree more! The m

Couldn't agree more! The more we drive our 308 the better it drives. We also drove 1000+ miles when we picked her up. What an experience!!!! The single most comment from passengers is "I can't believe how well it rides."

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Hi Sean,

Congrats on the pu

Hi Sean,

Congrats on the purchase and especially the fun and excitement of driving a Ferrari long distance!!

How's the weather up there. do you still have driving weather?

Regards, JRV

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Should have decent driving wea

Should have decent driving weather for several more weeks. At least until the first part of December. It does get a little cold, but nothing a brief warm up won't solve.

Jan/Feb it will be to cold/winter like for driving but that's when I'll do the belts and rebuild the carburators.

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So you forgot the nonse

So you forgot the nonsense of lotus esprit vs 308... Great!
Congratulations for the car, have fun!

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Congratulations on your purcha

Congratulations on your purchase. The 308 is still one of my favorite Ferrari's.
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