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Major service in December of 2

Major service in December of 2004 including belts, head gaskets, water pump, bearings, etc. EPA/Dot releases, red/black, 36000 kms. email me at [email protected]. Price $70,000. Car located in Midwest.

The car entered New York November 10, 1982. Amerispec converted the car and the DOT signed off February 15, 1984 and EPA January 27, 1983.

The owners manual indicates the 2,500/3,000 free mile service was performed by Algar on June 8, 1985. The 6,250 miles service was done by Algar on April 16, 1988.

The first owner record I have is for a Dr. Robert Kreb with a service receipt at Algar's April 30, 1991. The car at that time had 12,805 kms.

March 6, 1992 the car was serviced again at Algar for Thomas Nielson. According to Algar Mr. Nielson is a well know Ferrari collector in the area. The March 6th service was a major and is noted in the owners manual as taking place between the 6th and the 20th days of March and representing the 12,500 service.

There are a number of receipts for Mr. Nielson to January 25th 1994.

On April 1, 1996 Mr. Ron Tietzen of Newtown, CT had the car serviced at Sportauto by Bill Pollard, Inc, in Garylordsville, CT. There are a few receipts for Mr. Tietzen.

Mr. Tietzen sold the car to Bob Downing in January 2000. Mr. Downing did his own work performing a major service in March of 2001. I have receipts for all the parts replaced.

I purchased the car in November of 2003.

I had a major sercive performed because I was experiencing a bearing failure on the cam drive. Since I was having to pull the engine I had the tech do everything. I have pictures of all the work as well as a detailed service record. Mr. Chris Hill of Autosport Gallery of Stillwell Kansas performed the service.
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