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2009 F430 parts for sale

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I have the following OEM parts available for sale at my shop in Los Angeles. They are virtually new, as they were take offs early on.

center muffler part number 238269 $1000/0ffer
right outlet tail pipe 231542 $400/offer
original shock absorbers (2 f) 213396 $3000/offer
(2 r) 212543
air cleaner box 191204 $750/offer
engine covers (4 pieces) (l) 68535400 $350/offer

Make reasonable offers..they are colllecting dust. If you need more info or better pictures let me know.

Dave 310 283 3780

Blue Gas Cylinder Nickel Machine
Tool Line Plumbing Gas Fixture
Green Blue Coil spring Auto part Coil
Green Blue Light Tread Bumper
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