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Today I was driving along the

Today I was driving along the highway with my 83 308 QV . I was going 70MPH. After about 20 miles I started to smell a funky odor, I thought was coming from outside, Then I heard a BANG!! like I got a tire blowout, I stop on the side look to see but everything looked OK, until I saw some liquid dripping from the front part of the car, so I took the spare tire out and the battery cover to find the battery blown on one side, I mean BLOWN.
I disconnected the (negative) on the battery, while the car was running and I slowly made it home.
Here is my question:
What caused the battery to blow?
My guess is the alternator; the battery is one year old.
If it's the alternator should I get a rebuild or new
Thanks in advance

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Hi Peter,

welcome aboard,

Hi Peter,

welcome aboard, sorry to hear about this problem.

it could be one of 2 things imo. The Battery vent hole could have been plugged up somehow and the excess internal pressure caused the blowout or the Alternator could be constanly Full Fielding, meaning charging at it's maximun constantly even when no elect is needed.

First you must FULLY AND COMPLETLY douse everything in the front of your car with a water hose to wash off the battery acid, then you must tinse EVERYTHING with Baking Soda mixed wih water...ALOT of Baking Soda & Alot of water mixed to nuetralize the battery acid. The BS/Water combo will fizz & foam until all the battery acid is nuetralized.

Then check to see if the regulator on the Alt is causing full fielding...if it is rebuild the Alt.

Regards, JRV

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I had an Interstate battery in

I had an Interstate battery in my 308 up to a month ago. Even though the battery sat in a rubber 'diaper', had a vent and drain hose some acid still managed to find it's way into the bottom of the car. The combination of high tempuratures during the summer and charging causes this. Fed up with wet cell batteries I switched to an Optima #75-35 Red Top.

The only time I have ever seen a battery blow up was from having it hooked up backwards to another battery. I imagine a dead short in the primary system could do the same.

If you decide to use a wet cell again I recommend checking the water in it at least once a month during the hot season. The water boils off and will reduce the cranking capacity as well as shorten the life of the battery if any of the plates are exposed to air.

I used to sell Interstate batteries and they have always performed well for me but I am fed up with the destruction caused by wet cells in my vehicles.

Something to consider anyway.
Good Luck, DJ
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