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308 Carb folks assistance

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Just started to have some high

Just started to have some high idle problems come up. 77 308 GTB that runs very good but lately after it warms up it idles around 1500rpm . Its not the old carpet in the throttle thing nor the high idle cam stuck so I am looking for suggestions here. I did a major last Jan. (belts , valve adj,carb sync/tune) and it runns a little rich but pulls strong up to redline. Thoughts please.
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1-Have you checked to see if t

1-Have you checked to see if the Distrib advance is sticking?

2-Last Jan. is a very long time for carbs to go untweeked - have you pulled the AC and balanced & set all the carbs recently?

Carbed 308's need a full Minor Service/Tune-Up at least once a year if not more often in my experience. Timing, Points checked, Carbs Checked and set, plugs, liquids changed.
Dist runs up fine looking at t

Dist runs up fine looking at the advance on the FW as I rev the engine. Don't know about the bal. yet so I'll have to check them. When I adjusted last they were all in sync. I have no points (use dual Pertronix's setup) and the plugs have about 1000 miles on them.Wires are 2 years old and fluids (oil/water) have just been changed. I need to pull the AC housing off to check linkage and acc. cable but if I do that I need to remove the engine cover. If I do that then I'll be taking it down for the winter. This is like putting my golf clubs in the basement and I hate to do that also. Oh well , Happy New Year
One thing I found in a '79

One thing I found in a '79 308 was there was evidentally a groove worn into the throttle cable houseing, causeing it to idle high if the cable was out of it's "groove". You may want to check that as it too me a while to figure it out.
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