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OK I've been playing with

OK I've been playing with this problem for a few days and can't seem to sort it out. Here is how it started.
-Driving home temp went to 190 and fans did not come on
-Directional signals did not work
-checked fuses and relays all good
-seperated fan relay wire from fan/signal fuse
-hooked up fan wire and fans work
-directional signals still not working
-volt meter on signal fuse and voltage drop when you turn on directional signal (13V down to 5V)also alt. light came on)
-seperated directional sign.plug at column and tested switch (no short found , good continuity)
-checked signal lights (frt and rear) with seperate 12v source and all works)
-haz. warning lights all work and flash
-replaced flasher and still large voltage drop at dir. switch plug
-problem seems to be from fuse block to directional signal plug (can't sort out schematic)

So I'm thinking that I have a high resistance short somewhere but can't seem to isolate.I am not blowing fuses but when I move the directional signal lever I have a 6-8V drop at the fuse and this wire is the only on that fuse position and it is tight.
I'm stuck so any help here would be appreciated.

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I would clean and check all of

I would clean and check all of your grounds first. If you still have the problem, start checking each fuse to see where the problem is.
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