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308 Eletrical wire problem

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I am just joining in.

I am just joining in. I have a 308 1978 GTB. I love every minute of it. Strengely enough, It isn't as fast as my 94 Lotus Esprit S4, nor it accelerates as fast but some how the 308 is more fun to drive and very enjoyable indeed.
The problem I have had with me since i have got the car is the electrical wire problem. I push one button and other thing respond. The radio some time on and then off by itself. I turn signal light and front light turn off. I have discuss this problem with my mechnic. He clean the fuse box contact of each fuse and the result is it good for a while then it went bad again.
If anyone with similar problem and have it perminently solved, Please advise.

Bangkok, Thailand
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Well if cleaning the fuseblock

Well if cleaning the fuseblocks helps them replace both fuseblocks. They are a known trouble spot on 308s.

I had a few Lotus or Loti. I don't miss them.
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