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308 gt4 Alternator Not Charging

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Hi All
Can anyone offer any a

Hi All
Can anyone offer any advice on this one?

About a year ago the car started showing an intermittent fault with the charging system. Car would start fine but the red 'G' light on the dash would stay on. I assumed this meant not charging. I Put a volt meter on the battery and reved the car; the reading stayed low, around 11-12 volts with no change when revving. After a few minutes of running it suddenly fixed itself. The red 'G' light went out, and the volt meter read 13-14 if I revved the car then dropping back a bit on tickover.

This fault appeared every now and again all last year but would always seem to rectify itself once the car had warmed up. I did notice that even when it was working the red 'G' light would always be very dimly lit on tickover, but I assumed this is normal?

Now the fault has become permanent. The light stays bright and does not dim. The volt meter placed on the battery show clearly that there is no charge being produced, it reads around 12 and when you rev it dips. The battery is new and fully charged so no problems there.

I have removed the alternator and replced the regulator brush box (old one didnt look too worn whe removed). While there I cleaned up all the contacts. The connector on the small yellow and green wire snapped off so I replaced this with a new spade. I got it all back together this morning and although she started fine the red 'G' light is still shining bright! Volt meter on the battery reads 11-12v and dips when revved.

I'm not sure where to go next? Any ideas?

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Back in the states we would ta

Back in the states we would take it to an auto parts store (like Autozone) and have them test it. It should be putting out about 13.6 Volts at 1000rpm. So it appears that you are reading battery voltage. So I would suggest you take it out and have it bench tested. If you need to get it rebuilt the parts should not be a problem. It's just a Bosch alt and you should be able to get it modified to 85 amps for around $150-$200
Remove it from the car, clean

Remove it from the car, clean it and give it to a good car electric service, maybe a "Bosch-Service".
Dont ever mention Ferrari, tell them it is from a "Kit Car". Repair will be easy and cheap, maybe they can even supply a excange unit.

If you want it even cheaper, just change the coals. Seem to be worn out. A few pence.
I've had good luck with lo

I've had good luck with local rebuilders as well, tell thaem as mentioned it's a 'old FIAT".....LOL!

I jumped batteries backwards last week, facing the same thing myself............
Got it fixed now, rebuilt at a

Got it fixed now, rebuilt at a local workshop, new stator winding, new rectifier and new bearings. took all your advice. Told them it was a kit car! Cheers All
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