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Actually i read some of the pr

Actually i read some of the previous posts and did some probing around. i found that the coil wire for cylinders 5-8 broke in half just before it plugs into the coil pack. so only half the engine was running. I have a ohm-volt meter does anyone know the correct resistance the spark plug wires and coil wire should be? also when i check the resistance should i measure from wire end to wire end or wire end to inside of dist. cap? Thanks for your time.

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Also i would like to purchase

Also i would like to purchase wires at a local auto part store and make my own. What guage wire and brand do you recommend? Thanks

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Corey, I'm not certain abo

Corey, I'm not certain about the 308 QV but the Microplex ignition in the 328 is very sensitive to ignition wire resistance. I rebuilt a set with NAPA 7mm innard wire, brass terminals, etc...and car would not run after all my trouble. Jeff rebuild a set for a TR successfully though.
Since you'll really want to replace all the wires anyway, there's usually someone on Ebay selling the complete set for $250-300. This will be the easiest (and possibly) most reliable manner of repair. Use your multimeter to ensure good continuity after installing in distributor cap. Never a bad idea to replace the plug extenders also (about $75/set) while you're there.



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I say that because if you had

I say that because if you had "other issues" the least they could have done was mention it to you & at a minimum run an Exhaust Gas Test after their work w/results to insure the engine was running correctly. I can understand a Jiffy Lube doing minalmist work, but not a dealer.

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I had a custom set made f

I had a custom set made from (Magnecor)#87236}
for my 1984 308 Qv, they are a spiral core wire 7mm . They have sets for ferrari 308,328 v8 quattrovalvole they are cut to size...
spark plug wires only, some original fitting must be re-used... black in color but you re-used your old red covers
They worked great saved me $500.USD...
And my car is in california pass somg with low readings...

Good Luck John.
P.S. Carl rose thanks for your information on this site to help people like me...

Part # 87236
I paid around $140 -$180 Usd.
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