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308 slow window problem

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great new site....I wish

great new site....I wish it success,,and for you as well.

I just feel like writing >

I have a buddy with a 1985 308qv.
About 5 months ago, we decided to take the door panels off, and open up those F$#%ing motors and clean out the grease. OH MY GOD ....the green grease was like thick paste and that's not the worst of it.
I had never opened up those motors before (I've owned several ferrari's and none had that problem, lucky I guess)
What a mess it turned out to be, after hours of trying to figure out how that cable re-wound back onto the pulley, and cutting up my arms, I finally got it back together.
I wanted to use explosives on his car I was getting so ticked.

just a funny thing.
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I've cussed the guy that

I've cussed the guy that designed the rinky dink door latch/key/lock/unlock mechanism a few times over the years...;-)...and the windows are right with them for being a PITB.
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