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Getting ready to start a suspe

Getting ready to start a suspension rebuild on my 79 308, I’m replacing the following items
Rack boots
Tie rod ends
Inner bushings ( using ES parts here )
Rear outer bushings ( worn parts )
Ball joints
Shocks and bushings
Rear bearings and seals
Repack front bearings replace seals ( bearings looked good )
Sway bar bushings ( using ES parts here )

Any words of wisdom to add, for alignment settings use stock or change, I’m running SP 8000 225/50-16 and 245/45-16, no track use, just spirited street driving


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Hi Bob,

Sounds like a great

Hi Bob,

Sounds like a great project...with a great improvement in vehicle feel to follow. If you've been following my thread on BB alignent issues, I too have been in seach of "better" alignment specs to improve the car's feel.

Initally, I would note the shim count on all for corners of the the initial settings are known. If possible, measure the front toe before starting your project. After all the work has been done, I drive the car for a couple of hundred miles before having an alignment done.

Here are the changes I have made, and why.

More negative front camber: Reduced understeer
Less front toe: Better turn-in
More rear toe-in: Better high speed stability and feel. Much better feel under hard braking
Slightly less rear camber: Not really needed with today's lower profile tires.

With the exception of the front camber, all of my settings are still within the set factory ranges...

Hope this helps...

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