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OK,I've about got the 30k

OK,I've about got the 30k service and some other misc. things done on the car (belts, hoses, fuel lines, fix some misc. stuff).

In the process of taking things apart, I removed the distributor from the rear bank as I was taking off the cam cover on the rear. Since I could not see the cams, the engine was not at TDC when I took the dist. off (but I think it was close at the flywheel - I had trouble interpreting the marks b/c I was not 100% at TDC until I took of the cam cover and could see the tick marks).

So, my question is, while reassembling the cam cover, and putting the distributor back on, how do I know everything is lined up in the dist. so that it will be close to firing on the correct cylinder when I get ready to run the car????

In other words, do I need to remove the top of the dist. and see where it is lined up. Are their any indicator marks in the dist. so I know it will be where it needs to be when the engine is at TDC?

I checked the workshop manual but did not see anything about the timing of the spark.


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I just went through this on a

I just went through this on a Boxer. this thread may help:

Basically I think you have to set the timing mark on the flywheel to PM1-4 and make sure the cam pointers are aligned to ensure you are on the compression stroke. Then install the distributor such that the rotor is pointing to the #1 plug wire. Ditto with the PM-5-8 mark and setting the second distributor to the #5 plug wire.

I found this to be very sensitive as a degree change on the rotor is doubled in terms of engine advance. Being off one spline will make a big difference.

Doing it this way I got the car to run well enough to get a timing light on it and dial it in. Supposedly there is a scribed line or red mark on the distributor body to align the rotor. Mine did not have this but just aiming it at the correct plug wire was sufficient to get me going.

Good luck,

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