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I am in the market for a new t

I am in the market for a new toy and have been doing research on the 308. I love this car! It's perfect!
My first question is what kind of maintenance expenses can I realistically expect? I plan on driving the car on the weekends. I will enjoy working on it and am willing to learn more on the mechanics. At this time I have basic mechanical know how. (I could tune it up but no clue on how to pull the motor apart).
My next question is, What years where the best? I'm thinking late 1970's. I've heard to stay away from '79 but don't know why. And the 1981 was the slowest due to new fuel injection. I think carbs will be easier to work on too. I have read quite a few posts here and you guys seem to know your stuff. So what's your take?

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Ryan, for performance and soud

Ryan, for performance and soud carbs is the way for me and for reliability and performance go for the 84 or 85 quatrovalvole, wich I did I have an 84 QV GTS I average about $1000 a year for preventative maintenance (PM) and runs like new with a 76K original miles. My first choice was a carb 308 but since I've been owning a carb car for almost 21 years I thought I'd try an injected car a QV for a change and guess what? No regrets here I'm veery happy and satisfy about my 308 QV specially here in CA. no problem passing smog it runs very clean.

So let us know what you have decided.


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1976-77s are the last years wi

1976-77s are the last years without CATS, '76 are fibreglass

78 -79 lower cams and catalysts, still carb

80 was first year of injection, down to 180hp or so....

81 -83 injected

84 -85 308QVs get the power back

86 -89 are the last years with displacement increase, 328s

Last years have ABS brakes..

So you see why lots of folks (like me!!!) draw the line at the steel bodied 1977s...later cars have supporters as well and will be in better condition..only 712 fiberglass cars were made


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Figure the purchase price of t

Figure the purchase price of the car, and a $10,000 contingency fund, for tune ups and updates......;)

Sounds like I'm joking but I am serious....LOL!

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I own a really nice 1981 308GT

I own a really nice 1981 308GTSi. I have been extremely happy with it. I know it's history. It was a local car, that was well maintained, and completely original. The car was originally sold from one of the two Authorized Ferrari Dealers in the Chicago area. Then, after the 2 previous owners, I bought it from the Other authorized Ferrari Dealer in the Chicago area...

I bought the car with 14K original, documented miles. It had also just been serviced with new belts and everything from that Ferrari Dealer. And have put on 12K in the past 5 1/2 years. I have not had any problems with it at all. And no real expense other than regular maintenance. But it is about due for it's 30K service. I will get that done over the Winter.

As I mentioned. My car is an '81. I don't know why people "shy away" from the 2v cars. They are only 25HP lower than a QV car, so there isn't really any noticable difference in power. Not that I can tell, anyway. And I have driven 2 different QV cars, but not Carbed cars. And, IMO, there are 16 extra valves to have to worry about, and pay to replace, on a QV car than a 2V car. If you find a nice one, drive it before you judge it.

I mean, these are 20 to 30 year old cars. They are not super fast at all by today's standards. But you can do some little things to them to get them to go faster, if that's what you want.

I have owned many High Performance American Muscle cars. I have also owned 7 Corvettes, 3 of which were very High Performance enhanced. So, now that I am 46, and have super low Insurance rates. Speed isn't as appealing to me as it was when I was younger. So, I really enjoy this car just as it is.

Here is a picture of it in front of Big Al Capone's final resting place. You tell that a beautiful car or what?....


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Very nice!

And your excelle

Very nice!

And your excellent post hits on really THE MOST IMPORTANT consideration...

Condition, and complete owner history. That's an excellent track record of reliability you have enjoyed, made possible by proper attention to periodic maintenance!

Well done!

This thread is sort of a duplicate to JRVs Buyer's Guide but as this is probably the "most asked" question, I think it's a good idea!

I STILL say $10K is a good set aside budget .....LOL! That's about what a 'sodium valve experience' will cost.......
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