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***ALL 8 OEM PISTON SLEEVES FOR 308/Mondial Engine 106A For Sale!***

- May fit other engines -

GOOD OVERALL CONDITION, cross-cut hash marks from factory still readily visible. Some minor damage from a small piece of valve that fell in there and bounced around. Mainly scratches and some chips to only 1 sleeve. If you're planning on maintaining stock bore, there's a "dimonizing" procedure that will actually add metal to the interior of the sleeve and allow it to be recut to specs for a fraction of the cost of new ones.
They are all repairable and rehonable.
These are excellent for a core exchange - and if you're going to increase the bore of your engine The damage will not be a factor since it's mainly just heavy surface abrassions. I'll send pictures of everything to serious parties.

Few small chips on the bottom skirt from disassembly with brass rod. The piston will never come anywhere that far down and it's past the block on the extra material that protrudes from the block itself.

I'm trying to disclose every little detail even though it does not interfere with the operation or recutting of these sleeves. I am so confident that these are still serviceble that I'll offer money back if you can't get them serviceble again. The only reason I didn't reuse them is because I went with a matched 84mm sleeve that came with my pistons instead of the stock 81mm bore.
None of the scratches interfere with the serviceability or operation.

These are great for core sleeves if getting new ones or can be used again if rehoned. They are perfect if you're planning on increasing the bore since a 1mm+ deep cut will take care of any possible abrassion described above.

I don't know how much these go for from the dealer since they're not made anymore but Norwood Performance sells refurbished ones for $155 EACH with a core exchange, so I'm thinking $200 + shipping and handling for the entire set of 8 is very reasonable!

These also came out of a running engine, please email me for pictures and more info. These are a rare find and If you find them cheaper BUY THEM!

-JR Consejero-
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