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I was having intermitent probl

I was having intermitent problems with the Lambda valve not working. JR had given me some ideas of where to start. While checking the ECU connections we noticed that they had horrible corrosion. So I cleaned them with some battery cleaner, let that bubble for 15 minutes or so, the cleaned with brake cleaner. I let that sit overnight to make sure everything was dry. The next morning I cranked her up. Still the same, no Lambda valve action. Ahhhh!!! I then started to check connections....Pulled on the connector attached to the lanbda valve and it started working. I let off, and it would stop again. I was excited. Could I have solved the puzzle so easily? Today, I disconnected the plug from the lambda valve and slid the boot away from the connector. There she was!!!! One of the wires had come un-crimped. It was just sitting there loose, which would explain the intermitent problems. Anyway, I took the soldering gun out and went to work. Will know tomorrow morning if that did the trick. Probably did though. Aren't these cars fun!!!!!

Just thought I would share the good news.
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