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Thanks to all who offered advi

Thanks to all who offered advice, etc. while I was doing my 30K service.

The car is all done and runs FANTASTIC. Actually better than when I started b/c the carbs were not quite right when I bought the car.

Just to note, the following was done over the last two months..

New timing belts
New tensioner bearings
Old Fuel lines replaced
New water hose
Reset timing to 7°BTDC
Synchronized Carbs (wow, what a difference that makes!)
Lots of cleaning

The only thing I did not do was replace the seals b/c they did not leak (and still don't after ~ 50-miles).

The worst part was taking the A/C out! Everything else went pretty smooth.

A friend helped me with the carbs today and after about 2-hours it ran really smooth. Pulls nice all the way to redline and does not stumble at all when cruising in 5th and flooring it.

It's amazing how big the smiles are when you do a job like this and it all comes out right in the end.

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Great job Sean. These cars are

Great job Sean. These cars are amazing when set up correctly.

Now go and enjoy the fruits of your labor!
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