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For all of your racing spec ar

For all of your racing spec archives or those following the Weber 3.2 saga, here is the note from Dema Elgin with the specs to the intake cams he will be sending me; He is currently straightening and finishing and we hope to install these beauties in April.


"Hello Russ, Here are the specs of your stock cams -vs- the modified welded grind. The std cam has 250 duration @.018"=ramp end and now they will be 264 @.014"ramp end. std @.020=245 vs 257, @.050=222 vs 238 @.100=200 vs 214 @.200=151.7 vs 166 @.300=83.8 vs 103 lobe lift std=.345" mod=.364" .364 less lash of about .012" =.352 net valve lift. As you can see the new profile will have a lot more area under the curve which may require a little more fuel along with the increased air flow capabilities."

Paste off

Well, I'm excited to say the least; I'm running 36mm chokes already (max size for a 40 DCNF) which should (according to Pierce Manifolds) accomodate well over 300 hp; Have lots of room on the jets obviously. He added a more duration and a lot more area lift.

With stock cams I am now dynoing 236 SAE rwhp (~288 crank) since the Weber installation. Any bets as to the new max?
I asked him about drivability - he said that they would smooth out about 500 rpm later than my stock. I told him my stock were pretty smooth all the way through, and he replied about 1500 then.

Pretty cool, huh?

best to all
(Carlo Abarth wannabe)

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Sounds like you'r


Sounds like you're just having toooo much fun!
Looking forward to your driveablilty, power comments...Yippee!

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