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I am helping a friend sell the

I am helping a friend sell their 86 328 Ferrari gts. Ive been driving the car around today, and it runs fine. Temp is good, idles correctly etc. The tranny does shift a little rough, no grinding, just seems to be resistant. From the outside the car looks pretty good. The passanger side has no visible rust, while on the driver side there is some by the pilar and on the bottom of the door. If you arent particularly anal, you could pass with the paintjob as is. Good shine, some door dinks, etc. The interior, is tan, although someone recovered the seats in black. The leather door panels need to be either refinished or changed, so does the center console and steering wheel. The speedo does not work, and the tach is off. A/c does not work, nor does the radio. This car would make a nice project car, that can be drivien while worked on. Personally, id just respray the door panels, throw in some race seats, a new steering wheel, shift knob, and fix the a/c. Maybe some cat-bypass pipes and have a nice driver that your not worried about on every corner. Heres a few pictures.
Im just skimming over basics here, as i will look into the car much more fully for anyone interested. They also have alot of records on this car, and the timing belt was changed 3 years ago.

They think the car is worth about 32,000, but i think it can be bought for $27,000=28,000.
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