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I found an easy way to add the

I found an easy way to add the fluid to the tranny after draining the old . I bought one of those $4.00 keroseen ( pardon the spelling ) heater filler pumps at the hardware store . Its a plastic thingie with a 2 foot long flexible hose exiting the squeeze bulb fitting at 90 degrees to a 1 foot long , plastic rigid tube . I cut the rigid tube to the same length as the 1 quart 75W-90 oil container , cleaned off the plastic crumbs from the cut ,slid it in the container , put the other end in the tranny fill hole and after about 12 pumps the 1st quart was in . Repeat 4 times plus another 200 cc and swas done . Sweet . Fast and no mess . Pumped a couple squirts of mineral spirits through to wash out the residual oil and bagged it till I need it again . Note 1: pump the spirits into the waste oil container not the tranny . Note 2: Used a baby bottle to measure the fluid for the transfer case . Went 10 cc over on the amount to compensate for filler tube loss .
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