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going through the proceedure t

going through the proceedure to diagnose a hot start problem on my 348 I noticed that the flywheel on the car sometimes rattles when shuting down or starting the car when hot.
the hot start problem I was having was due to a bad fuel pressure regulator. BUT!
I have some questions:

is the rattle normal at times?

what if I leave the flywheel like that will it
tear itself apart?

do I have to use Ferrari grease?

what does it take to remove it?

do I need to re-align the clutch to install it again? clutch alignment tool?

is this something that is a DYI? If I take things
apart do I need to recheck tolerances?

thanks in advance!

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I think the flywheel is your p

I think the flywheel is your problem, behaved just like mine.
Don’t use the starter for a long time. If it doesn’t start after a second of turning, stop for 2 seconds and try again with depressed clutch. If mine had a bad day, I needed 4-5 short try’s. The hotter, the harder.

Rebuilding the flywheel:
I went trough this and ended up with a high temperature (220°C), water repellent, plastic friendly silicone grease for 40$ /200 grams. This is a high price for this stuff, because of the small amount. That’s what the guy who sold it said.
He also told me it has a limited live span if used for this application. Rough estimate is 4-6 years. It disintegrates under Pressure.
180 grams are needed.

The original Ferrari grease is "Klüber Unisilkon GLK 1301" and exclusively delivered to Ferrari and the manufacturer of the flywheel, Voith. I was unable to get it in Germany.
At Ferrari it is more expensive than a pound of pure silver!


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thanks Chris, I appreciate the

thanks Chris, I appreciate the info.
I'm going to do this repack thing before I end up with other problems.
the thing rattles at times.
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