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348 Several things I need advice with please

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Looks like I am going to end u

Looks like I am going to end up being the "Ferrari Mechanic" for my dad next week end. Flying down to Florida to attempt to solve the following things....
#1 Climate Controls: Completly dead, No power. I am going to check the main 30 amp fuse (which I didn't know was there last time I checked it) Is there any thing else anyone can suggest?

#2 Pass Side window switch: Pass side window switch does not work. Window works correctly from drivers side. Switch works if plugged into drivers side harness. Does nothing on pass side. Does not appear to be putting any load on battery when pressed (no lights dim) I did find a bent pin inside the pass door connection. Fixed the pin but still not working.

#3 Passenger side seat belt retractor not moving: It is in the full forward position which is a pain since you ca't use the sholder belt. Any ideas on fixing it or getting it back so the belt can be used?

The only other thing is the contacts on some of the switches seem to be dirty and the switches are not working. Any prefered method or product for cleaning these?
Thanks for any help you can give!
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1 - 348 AC System Tech Article

1 - 348 AC System Tech Article -

2 - the wiring harness socket pin connectors are the typical 348 window in-op issue.

3 - the seat belt assemblies crap out routinely, the TR's had a Factory Recall, notsure if 348's were included, but worth looking into, otherwise needs a new unit.


Regards, JRV
the shoulder harness can be us

the shoulder harness can be used there is a attachment point on the seat frame fro when failure occurs
Is there any wiring schematics

Is there any wiring schematics available for the AC system? I am hoping the fuse swap is the answer but in my experience with working on cars, it isn't ever the easy quick fix that I hope.

Also on the door harness, I thought I had fixed this but the pins are so tiny who knows. Do you know how the window system works? By that I mean is it a system with 12v at the motor all the time and switched ground or the other way around?
Thanks again for the help,
Sometimes, as simple as unplug

Sometimes, as simple as unplugging the A/C with the main connector on the back will "reset" things, worth trying. recheck the pin connectors (both sides) for the window problem.
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