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A client dropped his 348 off f

A client dropped his 348 off for a service while he is in Europe for a few months and agreed to let his car be the model for the 348 Skid Plates.

I'm not 100% decided at the moment, however I believe 348's will need 4 piece sets to be effective.

First few pics of the begining stages:

I will use a 94 Challenge car for the mods.

Nice umolested spoiler.

Places of concern R/Front

Places of concern L/Front

Unlike the 355/360 Skid Plates the 348's will have to be Cast, rather than Machined.

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Got the pics from todays desig

Got the pics from todays design mock-ups loaded"

Due to the flimsy design & construction of the 348 factory spoilers, the plates need to be very large to spread the load across a big enough area. Also due to the many compound curves involved for fitment, I'm opting to design in clay and cast in Aluminum.

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