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Here are the steps to remove t

Here are the steps to remove the transmission from a 348.

1) Disconnect the battery.

2) Remove the air box for more work room.

3) Block the front wheels and then jack up the rear of the car. Now place jackstands under the subframe for safety.

4) Remove the rear wheels, and then remove the rear wheel well liners.

5) Disconnect the cables on the starter.

6) Disconnect the ground strap from either the transmission case or the clutch housing.

7) Undo the connection for the speedometer sensor.

8) Disconnect the connection on the top of the transmission for the clutch/break fluid.

9) Drain the oil out of the transmission.

10) Drain the engine oil. Then disconnect the oil line from the engine block. Remove the brackets holding the oil line to the side of the transmission, and move the oil line out of the way.

11) Remove the rear bumper for better access to the muffler, and clutch housing. This step isn't totally nessesary, but it does give you much more room to work with.

12) Remove the muffler/s.

13) Disconnect the inner CV joints from the transmission.

14) Disconnect the parking break cable.

15) Remove the two cross beams on the bottom of the subframe, running under the transmission.

16) Roll a floor jack under the transmission, and center the lifting point of the floorjack under the bottom inspection plate for the transmission. You can place a block of wood on top of the jack so that you don't dent the inspection plate. Now lightly support the weight of the trasmission on the floor jack.

17) Loosen the 8 large nuts holding the transmission to the back of the engine block, but DO NOT remove them yet. There are 4 on the top and the 4 on the bottom.

18) Remove the 8 nuts holding the clutch housing to the back of the transmission and then remove the clutch.

19) Grab ahold of the output shaft and pull it out. This is to disconnect it from the engine crank.

20) Completely remove the eight bolts holding the transmission to the engine block, and then move the O2 sensor wiring connection bracket out of the way.

21) Loosen the large bolt holding the top of the transmission to the crossbeam on the subframe.

22) Double check to make sure that everything has been disconnected properly, and make sure that the transmission is supported by the floorjack.

23) Remove the bolt holding the top of the transmission to the subframe.

24) Side the transmission back, away from the engine, and off of the retaining bolts. It may be a little bit tough to get it to separate from the back of the engine block as there is a seal that must be broken. But it will come off. The seal is just a big o-ring that goes around the opening for the back of the crank.

25) Now carfully lower the transmission and roll it out from under the car.

Happy wrenching.

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I totally forgot to mention di

I totally forgot to mention disconnecting the shift linkage from the transmission.


Don't forget to disconnect the shift linkage before you drop the tranny.

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For crying out loud, I forgot

For crying out loud, I forgot one more.

You will also need to remove the sway bar.
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