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I’m in the middle of rebuildin

I’m in the middle of rebuilding the flywheel on my 1999 355 F1. I’m having a bit of trouble taking the flywheel apart. The flywheel’s grease had broken loose so badly that is got onto the clutch disk (I’ve sent that off to clutchmasters for a Kevlar rebuild). There are also huge amounts of grease in the bell housing. I’d be surprised if any is left inside the flywheel. On removing the flywheel bearing seat (the large nut with 4 notches in it that holds the flywheel to the bell housing) I also ran into some trouble. It was so securely fastened I broke a wrench trying to unscrew it. I finally had success after welding together a jig that holds the inner flywheel piece (using the pressure plate’s allen keys) and then using a 12 foot pipe to torque a new wrench! I thought it was never coming off – but the jig & 12’ pipe combo got it loose. On inspection it looks like someone put lock-tight in there! Unless the red residue is normal I think a mechanic made a mistake (even though its only been to the dealer and one other professional Ferrari shop – Black Horse, LA). What’s your take on this?

Anyway, my main problem now is the disassembly of the flywheel. It is out of the bell housing but will not come apart. I’ve removed the 10mm bolts that hold the assembly together (not the torques that hold the plate to the damper – I know not to remove those). I’ve tried a few different techniques; but no success. Now that the bolts are removed the inner piece can spin in relation to the outer piece (is this normal?) Should the flywheel just fall open after these bolts are removed or is there a prying technique I need to implement? I just hope it isn’t all sealed with lock-tight! Any suggestions would be great. Thank you for your help.
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