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I'll try to make a list of

I'll try to make a list of service items and check items as I perform the 1st service on a 02 360 Spyder. He will be getting a change to Royal Purple Lubricants and I'll measure & fit for Front 360 Skid Plates. Also I'll have an oppurtunity to try my scanner and check against the 360 trouble code list provided by John Custer.


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Wow,finally some 360 talk. Why

Wow,finally some 360 talk. Why are tou you towing the car? Is the check engine lite on. Also are you going to do the compete oil change that envolves removing the rear under pan?

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>>Wow,finally some 360

>>Wow,finally some 360 talk.<< lol

The vast majority are all under Dealer raps John and they're not talking

Yes I planned on pulling the bottom diffuser tray, anything in particular you want to see?

With 780 miles I don't suspect this 360 will need much. I'm doing the fluids based on age, not miles while at the same time preparing it for spring & summer use. The battery is already weak from too much sitting so I'll be installing an Optima while I'm there and adding a battery maintainer, from my first inspecton it appears this Spyder left the Factory without the charger.

I will say that it was pretty poor of the Factory to make it so difficult to see the + & - markings on the battery.

Brought the Spyder in with my Support Rig because the battery is dead and inspection sticker expired and this particular client prefers pick-up & delivery service as he travels alot. I'm glad I used my rig as it showed me the real need for front skid plates also. I insure no spoiler touches ever when I load the cars, but the average haulers are not so particular I'm sure. Something already scraped the under nose somewhere down the line. I'll be posting pics of the scrapes to show guys why they might consider skid plates for their 360's.

Regards, JRV

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I changed the oil in mine rece

I changed the oil in mine recently and removed the rear diffuser to access the stainless oil filter in the sump for cleaning. Turns out it looked like new and really did not need cleaned.

Yes my car has at least one skid mark under the front bumper. I have a high milage car at around 6000.

I'm sure you know by now that the right terminal is positive. I have an interstate battery in mine and it fits great.

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I have done quite a few servic

I have done quite a few services on these cars. No timing belts yet but I may have one coming down before the spring for the "big one"
I've done batt replacement,oil service's, fixed a bad oil pressure sender wire seems to be a common thing I've done 3 with this problem, fixed the ever snapping door handel cable clamps and had one with a bad aitflow meter(sent to dealer for warrenty) Also have found problems in the wiring for the window circuit. If there is a bad connection the roof will not operate.

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