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Went to start the Boxer and di

Went to start the Boxer and discovered the battery dead. Pulled the lever to "pop" the front lid to charge the battery and only the right side popped open. Left side stayed locked tight. Looked for the emergency lanyard but cannot find one. There are emergency lanyards for the rear lid but cannot find ones for the front. Everyone tells me there has to be an emergency way to open the front lid. The owner's manual does not show one. I am told that all of the 365 Boxers were proto-types and no 2 are alike. I believe it.
Does anyone know how to get the lid open if there are no emergency cables or lanyards?

Dave Montgomery...17929
San Leandro, CA

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Hi Dave,
the emergency cable for the left front side is under the dash board, if you removed the little storage box you can see it. The right side emergency opener is in the hole of dashboard between the glove box and door hanging.
I hoop now you find. If not you can only trough wheelhouse. There are in the near of bonnet catch a great hole (ca. 20mm diameter, to past up) on both sides to adjust the catch at closed bonnet. here you can also open.
best regards
Andre..... complete restored #185.. in original condition own since new (Germany version)
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