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Magneti Marelli AEC104B-660 di

Magneti Marelli AEC104B-660 digiplex ignition unit for 1980-85 Ferrari 400i. This unit was rebuilt by PermaTune for my 1985 400i at a cost of $1100. While it was being rebuilt, I installed an MSD-6 ignition box, and I sold the car before reinstalling the digiplex. This unit has a 6600 RPM rev limiter. These same AEC104B digiplex units were also used on the Ferrari 512BBi, although with higher RPM limiters. Lonnie at PermaTune could easily swap the rev limiter if you wanted to install this on a 512BBi. Asking $750.

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I'm interested by your uni

I'm interested by your unit, what will be the price with shipping to France.


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1984 400i Permatune

Anyone know of an available (new) Permatune AEC104BRL ("Look-alike of stock Marellil AEC104B660). Is the "Marelli Digiplex" from Udo still available, or was it purchased by Franck and shipped to France? Thanks. EHT
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