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456 popup headlight trouble

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G came in...had bad le came in...had bad left side head light motor. Ordered new motor..installed it today. I plug the motor into the harness..both head lights go up and down wildly..even with the switch in the off position. I know Ferrari has like 4 different motors for these lights. Is it possiable that I got the wrong style motor?

It's almost like there is no park position for the motor. It just keeps turning. I checked the 3 relays that control the pop up units and they are all fine. If I unplug the left hand motor(the new one) the right side headlight functions as normal. But as soon as I plug in the left side motor,the right and left headlights go up and down like crazy!!

These 2 motors are obviously tied into each other. Now what I'm thinking is the new motor is not parking in the up or down position,thus causeing the right headlight to go up and down as well. They both work on the same ground circiut I beleive.

Do these motors have resistance switches inside when they reach the stops they open the circuit so they don't keep running? Then when you turn the headlights off the circuit then closes allowing the light to go down the the other stops. Sort of along the same lines as a power window motor?

Any help with this would be fantastic!!
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you're on the righ


you're on the right track, the motors do have resistors inside them.

Unplug the new motor, let the old motor reset to rest (off) then take the linkage arm loose on the new motor and replug. It should cycle to rest.

Recently had a simular problem, the headlight motors jumped phase. After input from Drew, I simply loosened the problem motor linkage, let it cycle and come to rest, hooked the linkage back up.

Regards, JRV
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I tried to do that but the mot

I tried to do that but the motor will not come to rest at all. It just keeps turning!! Funny thing is when I pulgged the old motor in, it would come to rest(just wouldn't go up) Strange huh?

Oh ya that BB is still driving me crazy...I sent the box back to Lonnie and everything check out fine with it. I plugged it back in,ans still no spark. I have 1.5ac volts comming out of the pick-up which is right on spec. In fact I swapped the pick-ups with another bb and it worked fine. Tomorrow I'm going to make my own Harness independant of the one in the car and see how it goes. I spent almost 7hrs on this this today...still nothing....
Hi Tom,

I trouble shot a BB

Hi Tom,

I trouble shot a BB512 pop up headlight problem about 6 months ago. My problem ended up being a bad diode in one of the motors.

Your description of the motor function is correct.

They contain two diodes and a cam that operates exactly as described.

They are tied together. On my Boxer the wiring went to the Passenger's side (call this the primary) first then over to the driver's side (let's call this the secondary).

The first thing I would do is take the new motor over to the passenger's side (good side) and just plug it in and see if it will operate properly. I realize they are mirror images, but it does not have to be connected mechanically,just plugged in, to see if it operates properly.

If it does not bet you have the wrong motor.

If it operates properly I would look for a short going from the "primary" going to the "secondary'

Hope this helps,

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