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456GT - ABS Control unit(A

456GT - ABS Control unit(ATE#10.0941-1300.4)(3X1 400)
Is there a way to perform an Error code read out of the ABS ECU w/o having an original diagnostic system (like described for the 348). If yes, are the Error codes identical to the 348 codes ?
My ABS warning light turns sometimes on and I have no idea what causes this. It´s randomly and seems to have no relation to brake temperature or rain.
Thanks for you help on this.

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As there was no info on the read-out of the ABS system, I had to go to a Ferrari shop. Seems that the 456 is not so common and not a lot info to find about technical issues. But even they were not able to do this. One dealer told me that there is no OBD read out, there is a "warning light blinking code" for diagnostic. The next dealer told me that there is a OBD read out, connected his tester and said that the ABS ECU is faulted. I was lucky to find one at Dennis McCann´s shop. Installed - same failure. I learned that this spending was

Then I found via internet a "Recall Campaign REF. 156 for the ABS Hydraulic Pump Motor" from 1997.
And here we are. The motor is sitting in the front of the car, exposed to all that comes from the road. The motor was corroded and hardly turning. Next step is to install a new bearing and new brushes. One dealer told me that´s not repairable and I have to get a new one for $5928 incl. TAX.

Hope that the small job (bearing & brushes) of about $20 will solve the problem.
Any similar experience on this ?
Any help is welcome.

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Not with the 456 but I'd a

Not with the 456 but I'd agree any motor can be repaired or rebuilt unless sealed...which this one obviously was not...

True not a lot of 456s out there but as they age we'll learn more...hang in there!

At least the fault code system was correct trying to tell you something...I think there are multiple generations of this...aka OBD1....OBD2...

It was a Federal regulation...

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Car is running again.[IMG]http

Car is running again.
It was the bearing and the brushes of the hydraulic pump motor (material less than 10US$). My confidence in ferrari dealers is drastically "corroded". Anyone needs a new ABS ECU - I got one over here ...
As my car has decided to challenge me - a new failure came up. The passenger seat automatic movement (if you swing the back rest to the front, then the seat should move in upmost front position). Dealers diagnostic: faultet Seat ECU - 1100$US + VAT. This time I was a little more scared about these diagnostics. Changing the ECU from passenger to driver seat - no failure. Therefore it´s not the ECU. As there are a lot of micro switches and even more cables running across the internal seat, no wiring diagram (by the way, does anybody has access to 456 wiring diagrams - would make my life easier) - looks again like try and error for hours. Life is not easy - just driving a Ferrari would be too easy.
In the meantime I love my 308 GTS even more. You can get a lot of help and there are no electronic "gismos" around - much more straight foreward (ok - there is a 20 year time difference ....). For DIY people, and obviously as well for the Ferrari dealership, the pre-gismo century is much more recommended.

Hope that this is somehow entertaining - at least my car does it´s best to keep my busy.

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I had wiring problems on an en

I had wiring problems on an english build race car. We got the builder to email a wiring schematic, and then we enlarged it to 4 feet x 5 feet and mounted it on a piece of plywood. Set it up right next to the car,it saved time reading it and trouble shooting in the car.
Love "the pre-gismo century" comment. I had the same thought the first time I tracked a F430 and the computer tried to drive the car.

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Bob, I´ll take care of the ply

Bob, I´ll take care of the plywood - any size - just need something to stick to it.

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[i]Car is running again. It wa

Car is running again. It was the bearing and the brushes of the hydraulic pump motor (material less than 10US$).

Nice job on getting her running again. What were the part numbers (and supplier!) for the bearing and brushes?

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George, I did a "post-gism

George, I did a "post-gismo century" google search and it sent me to
Site claims they will supply tech and wiring for all the models listed. $129US I have never used them but it may be a place to start.

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Bob, thanks for the hint. I or

Bob, thanks for the hint. I ordered the CD. Let´s see what´s on. This site was as well the source for the recall campaign info about the hydraulic pump motor that I found in the "post-workshop technical updates". (attached). I missed that they as well have wiring diagrams. Keep you posted if I need to buy plywood....<center><table border=1><tr><td>
Recall Campaign 156
456A Recall Campaign 156 - ABS Hydraulic Pump.pdf (1665.7 k)</td></tr></table></center>

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George, let us know if you get

George, let us know if you get a useful wiring diagram from Ferraripubs. Wonder why a Ferrari shop doesn't read these things when its so easy to download the info.
I read the recall notice. Sounds like the information is all there.
Its amazing what we can do with a web connection and plywood.

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In the meantime I got the CD f

In the meantime I got the CD from Ferraripubs. (6 weeks delivery time across the atlantic ... the manual seems to be not a good swimmer). Unfortunately there are no helpful wiring diagrams in - just a few "sketches" but nothing in detail. It was worth a trial. Today I got an "original" dealer manual in e-bay. Let´s see if this is more detailed. At least the seller told me that "all" wiring diagrams are in there. I´ll keep you posted - maybe there is anyone else out in this universe who is in fight with his 456.

Last week I was at the car wash, just around the corner (2 miles). After the car was clean, I drove home - at least I tried. After a few yards the control light "Check right engine bay - cylinders 1-6" went on. Stopped, turned engine off and on - no warning anymore (gismos are eveywhere I thought). After half a mile the warning went on again - same procedure. Another half a mile the red "overheating warning" went on. I stopped looked if there was something "unusual" (by the way, do you know how a gismo looks like ?). Starting again - all warnings off. I drove the last half mile - just before the garage the red warning went on again. Stopped in the dark garage - I now know that gismos have a dark red glowing in their eyes. Seriously - the right catalytic converter was dark red glowing. How to read out a failure code if you have no description - I called the dealer to pick up the car. Good news - no failure in the electric system. Bad news the ceramic catalytic converter was collapsed (I hope that this dammed gismo is now grilled). Replacement - 2400$+VAT (per piece). When he was telling this to me - it seems that I was not saying anything for quite some time. After re-animation he told me that he would recommend to replace the ceramic by a metal type. But then I have to replace both sides. At this point of time I thought - how can I explain my wife that 2 catatytic converters are more desireable than an easter weekend trip for 2 ....
Surprise - he knows "somebody" in Italy who does the replacement for 900US$ per piece. 10 days to get the refurbished parts. Still waiting - should be back before easter. Maybe we can have a easter weekend trip with the car....
Keep you posted. Have a nice easter weekend. Here you see my Gismo Owner.

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456 GT ABS ATE Teves
Hi all,

456 GT ABS ATE Teves
Hi all,
I have a 456GT year 1997 with 5.2 Motronic and ATE Teves Antiskid braking system that had an alternator failure and flat battery. Of course the ABS light was on at this time and after fixing the elctrical problem the ABS light is still on. There is a diagnostic plug near the ABS unit but this type of braking system was not there for long, and nobody has the software to diagnose the problem. The pump motor is working and the pedal is normal. Any hint would be appreciated.
Thanks, Bernard.

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Hi all, Thanks but I dont thin

Hi all, Thanks but I dont think any one that did not experiment this situation could have helped me. It seems that the fix of the alternator is the reason, there is no +12V signal coming out from the alternator to the ABS ECU.

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In the meantime the car is bac

In the meantime the car is back and running. Easter started nice with some highway drive. After about 15 minutes on the highway my speedometer says "guy you are jamming up the traffic" - passing some cars and still running about 30mph. Some minutes later the speed indication was gone. Driving without speed indication can be expensive. This time I was lucky and we had a great weekend. Getting home I suspected that the revolution sensor may have failed. This was a well known symptom from my 308, and as a family member why should the 456 behave different. After the investment of 160$ and nearly braking my fingers the new sensor was installed. I decided NOT to remove the whole exhaust system. Therfore I had only a gap of about 1 inch to reach to the sensor at the gearbox. In addition no normal tool worked to get there. So I modified a 32mm wrench (bending in several directions) to unscrew the sensor. Not too difficult but a very tight area. At this moment I thought it was a great idea NOT to remove the exhaust system.
It seems that the car could read my mind ....
One week later I left the garage for a evening trip with some friends. After 100m the brake light went on. I stopped and - thinkiung "Hello my electrical gismo is back" and switched off the ignition. Trying to re-start. Nothing happened, except a strange noise that was coming out of the engine bay. That noise stayed on even when I removed the key. I opened the engine hood. Thanks Good that there is a battery cut off installed. It already smelled "electrical" inside. Cutting of the power from the battery, the noise stopped. I checked all fuese - no one was blown. So all my friends had some fun of towing me back to my house. Some comments like "nice to drive a Ferrari, but you have to live in a small city as the car runs only 100m .... This was one of the nicer comments.

I recognized the noise - it was the noise of the starter motor when the gear has not engaged and the motor runs free. Somehow like my wifes hair-dryer.
First thought, no big deal - I knew this from my time when I was a student and driving a Volkswagen beetle. You had to carry always a hammer with you. A short stroke to the starter magnet and the car was starting again.
Then I whished the Ferrari designers to hell. The starter is fixed to the engine by 3 screws. Two of them you can reach, but the third one is not accessible at all. Now I knew that my car loves me and can read my mind. I had to remove the exhaust system, including catalytic converter,(exactly the part I avoided to remove when the speedometer sensor failed). After some hours the starter was removed, the starter magnet is (thanks to uncle BOSCH) available around the corner in Germany at a reasonable price. BOSCH Part number 2 339 303 288 , sold for 87$.
3 hours later everything was installed back again.
I´m really suspicious what will be the next thing that failes. There are still a lot of parts waiting for me to be replaced.
Writing this, my wife said that last time we drove, she noticed that on the passenger seat the back-rest could not be moved in both directions ... - here we are. I just checked the handbook and realized that there is not only a simple wiring - there is another gismo - called SEAT ECU.
See you - I´m on the way back to my garage .....
(if you like to continue to hear about my 456 adventure - let me know. Maybe the car has a nice present for me as I own it on 24th of July for exactly 1 year ..

... and spent up to now about 13,000$ on repairs.
Yes, now I experienced personally that driving a Ferrari - sorry, repairing - is quite expensive)
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