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Click this link to hear 550&#3

Click this link to hear 550's OEM Center pipe/ Mufflers-- followed by Stebro Center pipe and Quicksilver mufflers (engine start up and revving to 3,000 rpm)
Real Movie format (800Kb size file)

Thanks to Jeffrey in Newport Beach for unloading the QS cans on eBay at 1/5th retail!
I love the combo: At lights, the car has a "Don't do it, kid. I'll eat you and I just had dinner and I'm full... so you'll just be annoying me like some twerps on another chat site as I blow you to Nebraska" growl at stop lights-- which goes away at 2,000 rpm and leaves me with MUSIC;
Faster throttle response on gear shifts especially and faster acceleration within gears. Only "negative" is possibly not as much low-end torque in first gear-- until 2-3,000 rpm. Then it's rocketship city! But this car has so much torque, so what? I've been taking Roland Linder's advice for weeks and going 1-3-5 for normal driving and always double-clutching 2nd to save the synchros.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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