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575 versus 550 Maranello

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Does anyone have experience wi

Does anyone have experience with both cars to tell me how the cars differ in driving? Since the 575 seems to be the new toy on the blok the 550 appears to be a real bargain.
I just saw a new 575 with the carbon fibre trim option inside and inside it is a lot nicer, but that an an extra 50 hp for another 100K?
I just returned from having test drove a 360 coupe F-1, The paddle shifter was great and car drove like a littel go kart. Not a lot of grunt but fast none the less. I am anxious to compare it to a 550. Now I need to drive a standard 6 speed 550 to compare.
Would love comments on all cars.
Shopping is so much fun.
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You just answered your own que

You just answered your own question......."....extra 50 hp for another 100K?"

To me, not worth it. The 575 will just depreciate more, while the 550 is getting to be a bargain.

It won't be long, that for that extra 100K, one can own ANOTHER 550!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess it all depends on how much you want to be the "first on the block" it worth $100K more? Only you can asnwer that. For me.......NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you like paddle shifters I

If you like paddle shifters I would personally opt for the Aston Martin Vanquish. My dad just bought one a couple of months ago and he raves about it. You should at least give one a spin to try it out.

They are a lot less of them around and the exhaust note makes the 550/575 sound like a sewing machine.

I would opt for the 575 but my reasoning is based on short drives on both. The 360 is a very different drive. Not as much torque for sure. While the 575s will depreciate as Henryk suggested to me it's worth the piece of mind when I get the best of a model iteration (barring race versions).

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