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In the US, the 6 speed is no l

In the US, the 6 speed is no longer an available 599 option because the 4" (10cm) clutches burn out...duh!

According to one new owner, the car is so powerful, "I never know where it's going to go!" And this man has three f-cars now, including an F-40 and F-430.
He compared ther 599 to a Porsche Turbo (with its very predictable under-oversteer).
In comparison, he says the 599 goes its own way and he never feels like he can push it. He's preparing to sell it on the secondary market, make money on it and forget it.

Another car enthusiast told me today that a local Porsche dealer is getting a variety of F-cars on trade and shipping them to a dealer in the USA. When you think of a 500hp's pretty amazing!

I'm waiting to hear 599 maintenance horror stories, as more cars get delivered, used and abused.

I'm taking my 550 1,000 miles to the US Grand Prix Friday

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Hmmm, No question the increasi

Hmmm, No question the increasing HP wars are getting out of hand. Nobody can handle this kind of power on public roads and in any case no place to use it. Pretty much just a bragging rights feature.

I think the "Garage Queen" species will increase since most will be too intimidated to use them much.

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I dunno, I spoke the other day

I dunno, I spoke the other day to an older gentleman in CA that is LOVING HIS!!!

In the three months he's put 3,000 miles of smiles on that puppy!

He admitted that he could get in trouble if he ever let his 'inner child' drive though....LOL!

His was F1 tranny equipped, I cannot imagine it being too much to drive with the Driver Aids enabled.

I'm getting a six speed though, so I can let those ponies hang that rear end OUT!!!!

Any other 599GTB owners care to weigh in? I'll try to get my new padner in CA over here to post.
He was at Marie Manvel's FCA Petersen Museum party with it, I'll get a pic....

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Here it is....belongs to a nic

Here it is....belongs to a nice guy named Tao.....goes by tao599 "over there".......
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