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599 update from my spy

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From my spy...
Some 30-50 599

From my spy...
Some 30-50 599's have now been manufactured in Maranello. These European versions have a number of problems that are being worked out, car-by-car (with some doors not closing, some transmissions not synching, etc).

It's already clear that the 599's engine has the same potential as the Enzo's to be a maintenance pain and may even be prone to premature wear. I have another source who said he'd never buy a 612 because of (some) engine-related maintenance problems. So, put together an Enzo engine in a 612-related frame...and you have both internal and mechanic access-related problems to consider.

The new red metallic exterior color is prone to failure (inordinate scratching) and there is also a blue color with similar problems. Most of the cars that have been produced are the new Silverstone. The rest are black, red and blue. Two have been produced in white for middle eastern customers.

One problem with the car is that it looks huge with a light color (ie yellow). And a dark body color makes the body lines disappear... leaving Silverstone, Titanium and Red as the most likely color choices.

The carbon fiber interior looks cheap and it reflects off the interior wind screen. A future option will enable owners to select the time-consuming and expensive option of a leather interior (but when that will happen is unknown). Right now, the interior reminded my spy of a Lambo. The carbon was chosen to reduce manufacturing costs- instead of hand-cut leather.

The car is so powerful, it is nearly uncontrolable with traction-control turned off. And because of this, the American version will likely not have that option for liability reasons.

The European version's exhaust sounds good. But as of some recent month (I have to keep my source anonymous) no final decision had yet been made on the sound tuning for the American version.

Estimated cost (USD) is MSRP of about $270,000; meaning that with a few options like carbon brakes, the car will cost $300,000.

One thing that early American owners need to look out for is receiving cars with MILES racked up on them...and not a few...a few hundred! Another of my sources knows of about a dozen of the first F-430's that were shipped to America...AFTER they'd been used as press demo cars and even test cars! The test cars hadn't even had new tires put on them. There was thrown-off rubber in the wheel wells from the high speed tests! In other words, the factory was shipping used cars as new!

I'm now expecting a complete 599 press kit from Britain, coming via eBay.
And, as much as I love my 550 and the GT experience, I'm now thinking that THE Ferrari may be a used F430 Spyder, about 2008.
But then, what do I know?
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I don't want the one that

I don't want the one that hit the wall........
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