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78 308 drops a bank

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I just need confirmation on th

I just need confirmation on this.

4 weeks ago I changed out the points to the crane xr700

Once the units were installed. I would loose a bank.

I changed the coils out and replaced the stock MM with Accel 8140's. Drove fine in 100 degree days and XXX mph.

It ran like a champ but today on a cool temp day, It happened again. I lost a bank. I would shut the car off. Wait a minute and it would fire up again.

I am going to replace the coils (again) but with the crane PS20 coils.

Should I look at something else?

It is heat related from what I can tell

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Sounds like a loose wire conne

Sounds like a loose wire connection somewhere...very common right after a rewire job.

Try to isolate which bank it is and double check each and every wire and connection, including inside the distribs if the wires run like that.

Odds are somewhere along the line one little thing just isn't quite good enough.
Double checked and triple chec

Double checked and triple checked.

Everything is tight.

Could new (Accel) coils overheat?

The Crane instructions call for the Crane coils but there are many a f-car running my exact setup.


P.S. It's nice here. Not a lot of noise. Good Job
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but why would just on


but why would just one coil overheat? not really logical imo.

If your positive it's not a glitch in the new work then double check the resitance in both coil wires (wiggling & jiggling), double check the old positive wire/wires from the car to coils, check the rotors, check the fuse block, etc.

The carwas running on 8 before I assume, all the time, logic dictates that something old was disturbed or something new has a glitch. While anything is possible it doesn't make sense that a new coil would go bad, yet a 20 year old coil was fine.
Good Point.

Looks like I ha

Good Point.

Looks like I hae some digging to do.

I should mention that it did n

I should mention that it did not cut out for several weeks and today it only cut out twice after a couple of high rpm runs. I just drove it again on the way home and it is fine. The error only occured when the car was hot from high speed driving.

I'll keep my eye on it to see if it happens again

Thanks again JRV
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