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82 308 GTSi warmup idle AGAIN

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Well, I was certain that this

Well, I was certain that this peaky little problem was solved but apparently not. The car never exceeds 1,100 to 1,200 RPM during the first start of the day. The car always starts immediately, whether hot or cold, and the "AMBER" warm-up light is on until approximately 140 degrees. When the light goes out the car settles down to a smooth, even 1,000 RPM idle, it is a notable drop in RPM and sound. After the first start of the day the car goes to 3,100 RPM (after a short period); system works as to should. Rather bizzar don't you think? I've cleaned the throttle body and idle by-pass screw, cleaned the auxillary air valve, replaced the vacuum hoses, checked the flow of the cold start nozzle on the intake manifold (it was fine), and check the operation of the cold start valve. On occassion the car acts as if it is runnung rich (back fire from the exhaust. The problem solves itself in 30 seconds or so.
Any suggestions??? As always thanks in advance for the input and help.

Steve Schroeder
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Sounds like the warm up system

Sounds like the warm up system relay or the vacum valve that controls the vacum activated high idle pot attached near the Aux. Air Valve.

Regards, JRV
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