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Know this has been discussed b

Know this has been discussed before but couldn't find just what I was looking for. Just read the markings off my flywheel. Can someone provide proper rpm for each mark for setting the ignition timing:

M1 6

M1 6 is by itself followed by AF and AA fairly close together followed by A5 well apart from the others. I am guessing AF is 900, AA is 3200, and A5 is 5000.


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The marks on the flywheel for

The marks on the flywheel for setting ignition timing are as follows:

PM 1/6 = TDC

AF12 = Fixed Idle Timing at 1000 RPMS

AM 30-34 is the Maximum Timing Advance at 5000 RPMs

The other marks are reference points for the Timing of the cams.

The Fuel Injection system consists of 2 K Jetronic Systems working simultaneusly, one sysyem for each bank..
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