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I know it's a goofy thread

I know it's a goofy thread title...but I really didn't know how else to say it. What I do want to say is that this board...although relatively small right now, is overflowing with help and support. A fellow ftalker is running into some trouble with his car, and the good and knowledgeable folks on this forum jumped in to help. And I then can you put a price on this kind of help? And to look at if from another perspective, why should those with Ferrari knowledge share their hard-earned know-how and experience with us regular do-it-yourselfers? Because they are enthusiasts and they care. Because they do not look down on the less-learned, but give advice and encouragement to "us" novices. There are times when I may overdo it and Thank people too much, but on an electronic media I don't really know how else to express how I feel. Sometimes it just hits me how lucky we are to have a place like this....I think we forget this....occasionally. So I figured I'd jump up on my soapbox and remind us of how valuable this resource is. Let's all make sure this site doesn't become polluted, or hip-deep in useless drivel, thus making it less effective. Long Live Ftalk! There, I'm finished. Thank You for listening.

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I stumbled into this thread th

I stumbled into this thread thinking it was Porsche related!
I was thinking of perhaps investing into an older 911 you see...


Very well said. All of this information is invaluable. Goes a long way into showing the character of the folks who are helping each other out here.

Now, from the perspective of a non mechanically inclined (soon to be remedied
) car nut: I never had the luxury to mess with cars even though it has always been a passion of mine since my childhood days watching my dad tinker with pre war Bentleys. Now that I am nearing semi retirement this site is absolutely irreplaceable in getting my education of sorts in this great hobby. One of the things I see that is so incredibly valuable in F-Talk is it's quality of information and the respect shown to each other. No longer does one have to deal with posting a question and getting 50 different answers from which one would have to guess which is the correct way to go (if there is a correct one at all, mind you). No longer do I have to feel stupid asking what to a mechanically inclined car nut might seem like a dumb question either.

I live vicariously through all of your tech nightmares and triumphs. Thank you all for sharing. Not only the solutions, but the problems that precede them. Believe me it is such a tangible experience that I truly ache when the bad news is dropped and literally cheer when the problems are overcome.


P.S. - Jeff, I showed my wife the pictures of your engine and she was in absolute awe at it's cleanliness and staggeringly beautiful architecture. Thanks again for the pictures!

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Jeff and all our other friends

Jeff and all our other friends,

Thanks goes out to you !

We touched on this briefly recently. What makes this a good community is all the good people that make it up, rather than any one person or thing. Any good team has to consist of many good players. And in my eyes there are many many good elements and people at work here pulling in the same direction.

I feel very fortunate that so many good people want to share, help, learn, and participate here making it into a nice place to visit.

Funny that David F. and I were just commenting privately last night that keeping the board nice, friendly, helpful is easier than I thought it would be. Which I think reinforces the notion of almost all the members here that good people far outnumber bad mean spirited people, and with some attentive and judicious gardening and periodic pruning and weeding and strong doses of encouragement, the garden will grow full and beautiful.

So in essence I want to thank all of you for making this the nice place it has become!!

Best Regards, JRV
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