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Owning a Ferrari is one of tho

Owning a Ferrari is one of those dreams that you have when you're young that ranks up there with being an astronaut. Having said that, there is a reasonable chance that I could purchase a BB512i from a family member, but I don't know what a truly accurate price is for it. It has been sitting in a garage for several years (maybe 5 or so) and I know that it needs some work. I'm not sure of the mileage or what the extent of maintenance is involved, but I would like some direction as to where to go to find out what a reasonable offer would be.
I'm a smart-ass in nature, but this is a serious question. If you have some serious direction, I would appreciate the information.

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Welcome Ken,

First off, fam

Welcome Ken,

First off, family member or not, have a PPI done on the car. That will give you a pretty good idea whether your service will be a $10k or a $20k service.

Then, and only then, for one that has been sitting for that long you are going to want a full major service. Figure $8-10K for that unless the PPI revealed something else.

The last prices on BBi's that I saw was in the $85-100K range. Subtract the service cost and you should be in the ball park. Let us know what you do...


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Sitting idle for 5 years would

Sitting idle for 5 years would not be good for the car.

It should be shipped (not driven) to an experienced shop for a service and checking out.

If you're looking for a price to get the car road worthy again- I'd start at $15K.
This would cover and engine service & seal, clutch (probably stuck to the flywheel), tires, misc.
If the head gaskets leak or you have other major needs (suspension, electrical, fuel injection) then more money will be needed.

Before you buy the car have it inspected by someone who knows what to look for.

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Thanks for the information, fe

Thanks for the information, fellas!

Five years was only an estimate, it's probably been even longer. That's usually the death of any vehicle and yes, I'll have it moved, not driven to a shop. It's currently in Atlanta and there is a Ferrari dealership there. I'm fairly advanced in my mechanical knowledge, but I know what you mean, Paul, when you say get it inspected by someone who knows Ferrari's. In my head, every piece of rubber is suspect after having sat that long. I'm going to talk to the "old man" in a couple of months, so I'll have more information soon.

I think it was having difficulty with the clutch the last time it was driven. Probably the seal on the slave cylinder, if I had to guess. I'm sure that the injectors are in need of some kind of maintenance...

I'll let you know how it goes. It may be a year before I can really start the pressure...he has two kids, both of which don't give a damn about this car, but you never know how that goes.

Thanks again for the's already helped me.

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