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Anyone here with a set? I am t

Anyone here with a set? I am trying to fig out if Sparco Milanos will fit in my 328, but its kind of, well difficult.

I need to know someone I can contact who will be very knowledgable on this.

This is what I have so far (Special thanks to Slag for help with the values!)
3x8s have about a seat that looks to be about 18" at its widest, the door sill means that you have anywhere from 18-20 inches, depending on how high off the floor the seat acutally bolts (due to rails etc) and the car has an approx. 35" roofheight.

I am looking at seats that are 19.3" wide and 35.43" tall. I am assuming that any type of rail system that is needed to install the seats will only add to the overall height.

This makes me wonder...How does/did anyone put aftermarket seats in a 3x8 in the first place? Most of the seats I see are just about or taller then 35, and the narrowest are slightly over 18"! :/

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>>I need to know someo

>>I need to know someone I can contact who will be very knowledgable on this.<,

Don't the people trying to sell you the seats have some idea what they will fit?

afermarket racing buckets can be a real [email protected]#h sometimes to install in small tight sports car cockpits. I have spent MANY hours making a set of MOMO's fit correctly in a Porsche 911 and even then the side bolster still barely touched the door panel. With Ferrari seats being even lower & tighter between the console and sill you may be in for quite a fitting job.

Regards, JRV
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