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What would case the alternator

What would case the alternator light on a 1985 308 QV to stay on? I just sent the alternator out for service (shop said it was like new and sent it back) and now the light stays on. Before I sent the alternator the light would come on when I first started the car and go out once the rpm's hit 1,500 or higher. Do I have a bad ground?


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alternator light on

yes, same issue for me, my 1985 Ferrari GTS QTV battery light goes on only when I first start the car then it goes out when the rpm hits about 1,500. At idle for a traffic light even at low rpm, the light never returns on. I am questioning whether this is due to a loose belt. I called the dealer and the dealer told me that this is "normal" . I was told by a friend that this may be due to belt slipping and to spray on belt conditioner to try to see if this stops happening. the next time I go to the dealer I will discuss this with him again.


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