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I went and drove it out to FoW

I went and drove it out to FoW and back today -it's amazing to see how American Ferrari dealerships have changed. They used to be understated meccas for true hard core car guys, now it seems they are all cold glitz. Today was the first time I have ever been greeted by a 'Do not touch, sit on our cars..they are works of art' sign posted on the front door of a Ferrari dealership. Oh well. The staff was a disinterested cordial, just not as warm and down homey enthusiastic as FAF was in the 70s.... the new FoA (former FAF) is now glitzy as well. Different target clientele I guess in the new world order. Well, enough pining for the old days - at least Grand Touring in Laurel is still all enthusiasts...

Just wanted to vent.

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>Different target clientel

>Different target clientele I guess in the new world order.<


substance is nothing, image is everything.

But there is hope for hard core enthusiasts....I've heard rumblings that the need for "real service" is on the verge of making a comeback, and misguided arrogance is beginning a decline. So maybe we will begin to see that substance is everything and image is nothing in the long run.

Regards, JRV

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Uh oh. I hate dealers. Have

Uh oh. I hate dealers. Have many stories on being treated like rubbish by plenty of them, and not Ferrari exclusively. The purchasing and servicing experience is getting to be more of a chore than an educational and fun experience (granted, t isn't always fun to get the bill, but at least they should make it worth your while).

I've pretty much made a decision to take all my vehicles to the most qualified independent irrespective of warranty and geographical constraints. I believe in quality work, not salesmanship only. Any well trained salesman can sell you an outlandish bill or a big chunk over MSRP. If I am to pay a lot then I expect a good honest explanation of the problem and remedy. To some the learning process is half the fun of ownership.

As for the "Don't touch or sit on our cars...they're works of art", I find that to be ridiculous to the point of humor. Although I haven't seen that yet, I have seen "by appointment only" signs and "customers must all be assisted by a salesman in the showroom".

The most ridiculous dealer comment I've ever encountered was at a Ferrari dealer though. When I asked to test drive one of the new models they asked me for a 50% deposit. I laughed, left, and bought a Lamborghini...through my dad's broker.

Interestingly enough, my best dealership experience was at a Ferrari dealer as well, but I was around 10 and was accompanying my dad. If this nuveau attitude is attributed to our changing times I have yet another reason to like the old cars.


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I have been around Ferrari for

I have been around Ferrari for a while and frankly the dealer network has come to the point of arrogance, dishonesty and down right crooks (especially Scottsdale Ferrari).

I am tired of the 'attitude' that you get when you walk in any Fcar store. Like most of these salesmen could actually afford to buy a Ferrari. They look down at you, ignore you...overcharge you and rob you! and then there is the service nightmare!

I only go to enthusiasts and they are usually the independents. If anyone is in AZ and needs a great mechanic...Alex Traverso is factory trained, loves the cars (hates the dealers), is fair...and you don't need a second mortgage to get your car fixed!



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These days with Ferrari in gen

These days with Ferrari in's all about the money. When I have visited the factory years was special...and very personal. Now it is a slam, bam in and out...impersonal tour...and then they show you to the 'factory toy store' accross the street so they can sell you more overpriced junk!

Perhaps it's the fact that they are selling more cars than they can make. Maybe they want the 'posers' money instead of the enthusiast's loyalty. Times will change and they will regret dissing their true fans.

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I don't know but I've

I don't know but I've been dealing at Wide World in New York not only do I get good service but they let me hang around while they work on my Dino. If I don,t understand Italian one of the other mechanics translates. I thought this was the norm now I'll have to stop kidding them.

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I'd say that Algar is a pr

I'd say that Algar is a pretty good dealer to be around. I've had no problems with attitudes from anyone. They've always been very friendly, and very helpful. Maybe the arrogance is midwest/west coast thing. I enquired about a ferrari 12 cyl recently out in San Diego(I was thinking of putting it into a car that wasn't a ferrari), and the guy was a complete loser about it. Really arrogant, and just an a-hole. I wouldn't buy a pack of gum from this guy.

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r turner - Quite surprised at

r turner - Quite surprised at your impression of FoW. I have always found them to be very friendly, helpful and enthusiastic. A great dealership to work with. The shop is always open, you can walk around most anywhere,etc.

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Maybe they just had an off day

Maybe they just had an off day, as when I was a regular customer there 2 years ago at the old Sterling location, it was very warm as you say; the parts guy was good.. But I was the only guy there on a Saturday morning.....
Of course I still remember FAF in the 70s... treated every enthusiast like a family
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