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When Tom Shaunessy was here wh

When Tom Shaunessy was here where I live we talked about this BB, it was available to him for $39k, I guess he passed on it.

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Heard through the "other g

Heard through the "other grapevine" that Sheenhan paid $28k FOB Texas for the car.

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Looks like it needs at a minim

Looks like it needs at a minimum (lets assume you could get the engine to run and it had good numbers – yeah, right!).

Prices from Ferrari Owners Site
Front and Rear Lower Body Clips (front from 512=$900, Rear from 365=$700)
Window Glass ($750 each + $160each for ¼-glass)
Window motors (are they there?) N/A from F.Owers
Interior Door Trim (~$1000)

So we’re up to almost $4000 for the doors and bumpers alone. YIKES!

You could spend $20,000 in parts alone and assuming you could get most of them installed by yourself you’d save something there, But when you add in engine parts (likely won’t turn over but who knows) – add $15,000 for parts alone assuming you get JE or other pistons in lieu of some Ferrari parts). You’re up to $84,000 right there and it still needs paint and leather.

You can find an awefully nice BB512 for that kind of money.

In addition, the SN is off a car that was burned up or wrecked so that may be an issue as well.

Can you even register the car here? What abou DOT paper work?

I always thougth it might be fun to have a project Ferrari, but MAN, this one is almost not worth it.....someone with money to burn will buy it though.

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Sold fast, looks like a good p

Sold fast, looks like a good project for someone.
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