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Automotive Art Galleries

Automotive Art Galleries
Business introduction

There are an estimated 77 million baby boomers in America born between 1946 and 1964, and the first of them started to turn 60 this year. Through their sheer size, this generation has given rise to a host of industries, trends and services that are part of our everyday lives: rock 'n' roll, online shopping to name a few, plus they have been in an aggressive period of accumulating asets -- bigger homes, boats and investing & collecting classic & exotic automobiles for their enjoyment. Thus the need has arisen to understand the wants and trends of the baby boomers by providing them with the ultimate garage that's elaborate, with some of them even having kitchens (with cherry cabinetry & granite countertops), bars, bathrooms and plush sitting areas, where people can gather and socialize & even hold parties or social functions. Their automotive art gallery includes pieces such as murals, lithographed prints, originals and even Vintage Automobilia to compliment their automobile collections. We are not limiting ourselves exclusively to designing art galleries for ultimate garages, and can easily design a gallery for private residences, restaurants, car delealerships, hotels, conferance rooms, resorts, as well as the corporate world, both here and abroad.

The name of my business is called Automotive Art Galleries, LLC. and will soon have a web site. We can work with a clients limited budget and help them choose individual art pieces or design an affordable or expensive custom art gallery for well, we can present to them a collection of art that comes from and evokes the Golden Era of automobiles, with sitting areas containing plush chairs & soft lighting which makes it comfotable & welcoming & special. We specialize in artwork for foreign & exotic sports cars such as; Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Bugatti, Porche & Alfa Romeo, etc. Other makes have a limited supply of artwork for them and we would have to research the selected make to see if we can provide the artwork for them.

In previewing the art field for automobile collectors, there simply aren't many quality large art works to display with their major collections.Thus the need arose to simply fill this void by having an exclusive gallery that catered to a full range of clients throughout the world. We are in the process of working with artists whose artwork can be made into high quality large format Giclee prints, which would be quite affordable. Car Art, Inc. based in California says the following, “Internationally renowned artists and museums, such as the new York Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, have had exhibitions using this medium. Tests by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. have shown that a typical Giclée print will withstand 32-36 years of average home or office light exposure before any perceptible fading occurs.” Artists would need high resolution images of their paintings on file, and they could quite easily digitally resize them, and supply them to their publisher who could then print them to various sizes. When these prints are shipped to your residence you’ll have to visit your local art & frame shop for them to build a custom stretcher for it. It can be hung as is or a frame can be made for it. Remember, personal art makes an admired and much talked about centerpiece in your home, business office or “ultimate garage” ... and becomes a cherished heirloom for generations to come.

I am presently working on a private art gallery for a client whose collection exceeds 10 million dollars. I am a consultant on the project and selecting the very best of pieces from what I consider to be the top automotive artists in the field. I lay out the design of the art gallery and provide my clients with a set of detailed plans showing scaled architectural elevations (with dimensions) of the walls that display their selected artworks in full color. This is paramount as the gallery can now be viewed in scale that shows the balance and composition of the selected art works. Plans are reviewed by the client and signed off before any comissioned art work is to be ordered. I design the placement of the pieces and take responsibility for the custom framing (on local work) and recommend the lighting for the project. When displaying your pieces of art it’s best to use movable track lighting, as your exhibit changes through time it’s easy to readjust the track lights to accommodate your new or updated display. Improper lighting can literally ruin your art pieces, change the colors to improper values, and create hot spots on your artwork. We recommend Solux lighting which was developed to ensure optimal viewing conditions for paintings both in the gallery and the home. “Solux is specified by the worlds premier museums and art galleries on paintings by Picasso, Monet, Degas, Van Gogh, Vermeer and Rembrandt to name a few.” In addition to all of our services we also have two artists who specialize in wall treatments such as faux finishes.

We have two well known muralists, one of which has worked internationally.They mainly work with museums and exhibitions, although they have had their work at the Worlds Fair and other science museums throughout the country. Our hand painted murals range in size from 4' by 6'to 18' by 40' and are done on canvas in the studio, and then shipped your site.

I have compiled a major portfolio of the top automotive artists both here and abroad, such as Roger Hector, Paul Dove, Stuart Booth, etc. We work with the artists as well as the publishers and commission art works for our clients, including custom automotive tapestries. We carefully assist our clients in obtaining unusual accent pieces such as Automobilia to compliment their art gallery. If interested we can be reached at the following numbers: H - 201-568-9785, C – 201-803-9271 or [email protected].

Best Regards,
R.J. Scheurer

P.S. I reccommend that all new prospective clients buy a copy of the book titled Ultimate Garages by Phil Berg. He has spent more than 20 years covering the auto world for many magazines and newspapers, including Popular Science, Maxim, and Parade. He also has been an editorat Car & Driver and AutoWeek magazines.This exciting book covers in depth the top 24 of the most exceptional garages in the country and provides an exquisitely photographed tour of the enthusiasts most
important room – the ultimate garage.

Am an avid member of Ferrari of North America. I served in The Republic Of Vietnam in an infantry company from 1968 to 1969 and was awarded the Bronze Star & the Army Accomodation Medals for meritorius achievement in a combat zone. For an exciting photo tour of my life in Vietnam, go to: I’m a lifetime member of the Vietnam Veterans Association.
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Background Information

Robert J. Scheurer
23 Cherry court,
Cresskill, N.J., 07626
[email protected]

My background is in Architecture, as I am a graduate of Newark Industrial Technical Institute for Architecture and graduated Parsons School Of Design in New York City with a degree in Interior Design. Worked as an interior designer for Lipton Tea Headquarters which is located in New Jersey. Redesigned the complete interior of all their corporate offices, as well as executive row. Also was employed as a mapping technician with a major utility for the past 30 years. As a project manager I was responsible for distribution analysis for gas & electric systems, as well as laying out their entire mapping system using Proscan software which was developed by IBM. Retired at 52 to pursue other areas of interest. Worked as a sales consultant selling classic & exotic cars for Vintage Cars in Nyack, New York. We sold Rolls Royce, Bentley, Maserati, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Jaguar, Porche, etc. I was always interested in automobiles and have owned Aston Martins, Lotus, Porche, Corvettes and Ferraris, etc.

I presently own a very rare 1992 Ferrari 348Tb Speciale which is number 19 of 100 units manufactured. What sets the 348 Specialle from the standard 348 are the following: close ratio gears, F40 style kevlar sports seats in Connolly leather, modified door panels in leather, redesigned front spoiler to optimize aerodynamics, similar to the F40, new designed front grill with a chrome Prancing Horse, bumpers and rocker panels in body color, engine cover in body color, modified tailight assembly, new rear grill with a chrome Cavallino and finally a tuned free flow exhaust system which increased the horsepower to 312 (some say 320). All cars are numbered 1 to 100 with a 348 Serie Speciale plate on the passengers side door-post. The car reflects the Ferrari GTs' racing heritage. Am an avid member of Ferrari Of North America, where I attend many of their functions and thus meet new clients.

I always attended the Grand Prix every year, as well as other major races abroad, such as Formula 1 races. I served in The Republic Of Vietnam in an infantry company from1968 to 1969 and was awarded the Bronze Star & the Army Accomodation Medals for meritorius achievement in a combat zone. For an exciting photo tour of my life in Vietnam, go to: I’m a lifetime member of the Vietnam Veterans Association and I also was the research coordinator on the film titled "Americas Stonehedge" for the History Channel. I enjoy volunteering my time at Englewood Hospital & Medical Center, where I have over 1200 hours of community service. Working as a volunteer at Englewood Hospital & Medical Center has brought me immense satisfaction and personal stimulation from giving quality care to all my patients.Throughout my life I was always interested in fine arts. I have painted many pieces and have thoroughly been involved with photography.
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