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Here's a good solution for

Here's a good solution for those with a functional original AUTOVOX semiautomatic antenna experiencing a break in the nylon cable.

The Carquest semiautomatic antenna (part# 81050) has a similar cable drive to that of the AUTOVOX unit, utilizing a smooth rather than a thin geared cable. The Carquest antenna mast extends to the same height as the AUTOVOX mast. The nylon cable is slightly thinner (2.7 mm in diameter vs 3.2 mm for the AUTOVOX) and the mast is a bit thinner as well (8.2 mm vs 1.0 cm) and is made of stainless steel rather than chrome. The solid top section of both masts are identical and are stainless steel. The tips can be unscrewed fom both top sections and are interchangeable as the threading is identical.

Simply harvest the top mast section with attached nylon cable from the Carquest unit and replace the corresponding AUTOVOX top mast section with attached broken cable. You can modify the clip on the end of the Carquest nylon cable to secure it to the spool of the AUTOVOX unit with the original cotter pin. Clean and lubricate the AUTOVOX assembly well as long as you have it apart,

This repair allows you to maintain originality, if that's important to you, and keep the semiautomatic AUTOVOX unit, original wiring, and the exterior trim pieces. The original AUTOVOX power antenna is strong and very well built. The slightly narrower nylon cable might even be an improvement as it will be less likely to bind if you don't occasionally clean and lubricate the assembly.

Here's a picture of the AUTOVOX mast (with broken cable) and the Carquest mast.


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<font color="ff0000"><font face="verdana,arial,helvetica"><font size="+1">Great Inovative Repair Tip!!</font></font></font>

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