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10,800 Miles. Cargraphic SS ex

10,800 Miles. Cargraphic SS exhaust. Service on belts 4 years ago. Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Contact Craig Timm, 954 914-9326

Posted by Speedy308. ;)

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Not my Art Car! I posted this

Not my Art Car! I posted this for a fellow owner!

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Craig!!!!!! Join the site and

Craig!!!!!! Join the site and put a pic of that thing here!

This is a nice car ya'll, could be had for less than $XX,XXX.00, I hear!! What was the exact number on that again??? LOL!

Give him a call, he's back in the office today.

That's "Speedy's Used Art Car Sales" in the photo I TRs there!

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Ferraris AND boats....Craig an

Ferraris AND boats....Craig and I are BOTH gluttons for punishment!

Either one, would have probably been enough!

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Bump.....Craig tells me he&#39

Bump.....Craig tells me he'll take $56,500.00 for this pristine low miles example....

One of you Florida guys drop by there and check it out!

Heck, I might have to borrow V.'s credit card again! ;)

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Craig just advised that $51K w

Craig just advised that $51K will do a deal.

Anyone? Anyone?

Someone want to give me a 72 month loan? I'll take the darn thing, this car has only break in miles on it, as far as I'm
How could you go wrong?

I'll have to build a larger Garage in Valeria's back yard though.


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Is this car posted on the web

Is this car posted on the web anywhere? Looking to have my next TR in the garage within the next 30 days. Thanks

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He put it on eBay last week af

He put it on eBay last week after no takers here!

Call him, and see how the ebay thing went.......

And welcome, by the way!

I'm sorry you just noticed it. Sounds like a nice car....I have no affiliation with the seller, just trying to help out!
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