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I didn't know he had it in

I didn't know he had it in him.

Qualified on Pole
Fast Race Lap

Montoya 2nd
Schumi 4th

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Hello JR,

True, I'm alw

Hello JR,

True, I'm always holding my breathe whenever Barrichello is in the lead with only a few laps remaining. (actually I hold my breathe whenever he goes into the pits).
Either he has bad luck, or screws up more often than his counterpart (I sorta think the later)

I only saw the last 20 minutes. but SpeedVision plays it again in the evening. I'm gonna watch the whole thing.

I heard someone ran out onto the track.

I also heard the last time Rubens won without Michael on the podium, someone had also "ran onto the track".

?maybe he's paying someone to run out onto the track?
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