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What are some of the best ferr

What are some of the best ferrari cars for around $60,000. Ones that hold their value and run aswome. Please respond. Thanks Rog.

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Used 355 Berlineta is reliable

Used 355 Berlineta is reliable.


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Assuming in excellent conditio

Assuming in excellent condition...

V12 - TR (however, an excellent '89-'91 may cost more than 60K esp. from dealers.
- 365GTC/4
- a low mileage near mint 412(?)
V8 - 328 (for an '89 model at 60k should be close to near "showroom" condition)
- '93-'94 348
- low mileage '92-93 Mondial T Cabrio except
that I don't know if they will hold their value.

An excellent recently serviced 355 berlinetta
may command more than $60K esp. from dealers.
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