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Looking for Bill Badurski....

Looking for Bill Badurski....

Im getting closer to having my P-car project done, and next will get getting the Daytona carb tops and velocity stacks installed along with the straight pipe center exhaust section.

I really dont want to drive around as much as I do with no air cleaners. Im looking into some screens and some means of attaching a filter.... but thats not a good solution.

The real solution is a factory style cold air box like you have!

So...... how about it? Do you have any specs / plans or measurements and templates that could be used to fabricate one? I can make one, with the help of my local machine/race shop, but doing it from scratch will be 5 times the work compared to having some basic plans and specs.

Got any ideas? Anyone else?

Terry Springer
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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