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Just a note here on an event i

Just a note here on an event in Houston.

Mr. Buddy Guy is performing at the Orange Show Foundation Gala on November 6, 2004. The Orange Show as some already know is the sponsor of the Art Car Parade annually here in Houston.

The Ferrari connection?

Check out these photos from Living Blues Magazine, of Mr. Guy and his ride......

I think I'll have Mr. Guy sign a print for me......

If anyone needs ticket information on this, let me know!!!!

Photos are by Mr. James do you make that 'copyright' sign????LOL!


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Have you ever been up here to

Have you ever been up here to Chicago? And checked out His Bar and Restaraunt,"Buddy Guy's Legends?" Great Blues...Great Food...

And,occassionally,some "Big Name" Musicians,(Not that Buddy isn't one of them,too,for sure...
) drop in and Jam when they are in Town...Eric Clapton,The Stones,etc...

Buddy lives in the South Western 'Burbs of Chicago. Will have to keep an eye out for Him in his Red 328...

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He very graciously signed both

He very graciously signed both photo prints, as well as a Fender Stratocaster 'Buddy Guy' Signature Series guitar......

White with black polka dots!!

Thanks, Mr. Guy, and to James Fraher for the prints from the files! Mr. Fraher was also involved in the recent book "Down in Houston", the story of OUR blues scene...Speedy says "five stars"....check it out!
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